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Sunflower and Almond Muffin Mix

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Muesli Bar Mix

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Vege burger made with ease

To help you quickly make a tasty and healthy meal at the end of a long day just add any vegetables and water to this mixture and form the burgers. If vegetables are not your "thing" then this is also a super delicious filler to make the meat budget go further.


I absolutely adored all of the mixes I have used - they're so simple to put together but so impressive and taste divine!

Vanessa C

Organic Sunrise Foods coffee is consistently roasted to perfection. The Colombian single origin is our favourite. We use it daily in our espresso machine. It’s so amazing we will not buy coffee from anywhere else.

Michelle WC

Organic sunrise foods make the best Muesli Bar mix that has no wheat or nuts. It is so easy to make so my children do most of the work making it.  Once school goes back after lockdown they can take it in their school lunches.

Peter R